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Everything You Need To Know About Clinton MD


Clinton MD is known for its role in the American Civil War. It is an unincorporated census-designated place (CDP) which is located in Prince George’s Country and was founded around 1770s. Before the civil war, Clinton was known as Surratsville. It was a town with few buildings and simple crossroads. The town’s main building consisted of the post office, a polling place, and an inn and tavern. And it was owned by a widow named Mary Surratt. This widow was found guilty of involvement in the Lincoln assassination and was hanged.

After this incident, the town was renamed Robeystown. The towns were usually named after the postmaster. Robeystown was again renamed Clinton in the year 1879. However, some locals still call the town Surattsville in common usage. The Wyoming house, which was built between the 18th and 19th centuries, is also mentioned in Clinton’s history. It was built in three phases. Wyoming house consisted of the main block with a gambrel roof in the late 18th century, a kitchen in 1800, and a connecting block in the 1850s.

This house is also a historic property listed in the Maryland Inventory and in the Historic American Buildings Survey. Blossie Keubeth Miller, in 1913 founded a general store at the main intersection of the town. The Miller family still owns a liquor store in the current commercial property. This commercial property was built in the 1950s. Clinton MD mostly consisted of single-family housing with a few townhouse developments and one retirement mid-rise. In the 1950s, major local growth began in Clinton, MD.

This was partly due to the expansion of adjacent Andrew Air Force Base, President’s plane Air force one, and home of the Air Force System Command. The town is also associated with the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks. One of the survivors of this Beltway sniper attack was shot in Clinton, MD. At present Clintons population is around 39,018. Clinton also has many attraction places for tourists to visit.


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